WCASD Board Joins 53 Other Local Districts in Opposition to Keystone Exams as Graduation Requirement

email from WASD superintendent Jim Scanlon, 11/17/13

WCASD Board Joins 53 Other Local Districts in Opposition to Keystone Exams as Graduation Requirement

As you may be aware, Keystone Exams are on track to be a graduation requirement for the current freshman class in all Pennsylvania schools. Under laws that are making their way through the legislature, students will have to pass a state-designed test in Algebra 1, English composition, and Biology in order to receive a high school diploma.  Like many surrounding school districts, the West Chester Area School Board will be passing a resolution at its November Board meeting in opposition of using Keystone Exams as graduation requirements. The administration and Board are joining with 53 superintendents from the four-county region to express opposition to this requirement, because we feel graduation requirements should be determined by local school boards and not by a high-stakes test developed by the state.

The final step of the approval process that will require Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement involves a review by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC). Although the IRRC has no formal power to block implementation of new regulations, the Committee may interject questions and comments that could cause the State Board of Education to reconsider its position.

…Attached is the resolution to be placed on the WCASD School Board agenda as well as the four-county superintendent letter. 

Thanks for supporting our schools and our ability to keep graduation requirements at the local level.


Dr. Jim Scanlon

Download the proposed resolution here: WCASD Resolution – Keystone Exams 11.25.2013 – FINAL

Download the 4-county superintendents’ Nov. 5 letter to IRRC here: IRRC Superintendent Keystone Letter_11_04_13


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