NPE Year-End Campaign

We are getting close to our goal with four days left in our fund drive. So if you have already made a contribution, thank you, we appreciate your generosity. And if you have been meaning to make a donation, you still have a few days left. Let’s see if we can hit our goal by the end of tomorrow, then we will have plenty of time to exceed it.

NPE is fighting for the future of public education. We believe there is strength in our numbers. We believe an informed public can reclaim public education from those who want to privatize it and those who think that every child should be viewed as a data point.

We believe together we are forcing a change in the conversation around public education.

But we cannot stop now.

Please continue to help us in the fight for better schools, for empowered and well-trained teachers, and for stopping the privatization of public schools.

There are many fights left to fight, hoaxes to expose, and important grassroots work to support.

We are many. There is power in our numbers.

Together, we will save our schools.

Diane Ravitch & The Network for Pubic Education


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